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Do you like kale? Well, you should. Why? “Because it’s so yummy and nutritious,” says DJ Kale spinning on the 1’s and 2’s. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals to give you that energy you will need to get through your day. Kale is a green, lean healthier gut machine. Love vitamins A, C, and K, copper, potassium, manganese, and iron? Of course you do. It is low in saturated fat and cholesterol. It has enough fiber and protein to provide you healthy bones, skin, and hair! And it detoxifies your body of that”mystery meat,” and other yucky stuff, too. Whether you are fighting off ninjas, hiking through the mountains, or trying to fend off that afternoon energy slump, kale supplies the fuel you need.
Now, I must admit that I was not always this gung ho about this dark, leafy green vegetable we affectionately call Holy Kale. It wasn’t until several years ago that I decided to begin living a greener, healthier life. I really do enjoy lean protein, such as fish, chicken, and turkey. So I don’t label myself a vegan or vegetarian by definition, but I think in eating a more plant-based diet.
After conducting my own extensive research (yes, please do your own research… I am not an MD) on natural and holistic living, I started to discover the amazing advantages of countless superfoods, especially kale. According to wildlife nuisance removal service, kale has potential to reduce cancer and ward off diabetes! Now that’s a superfood. Recently I visited my optometrist for my yearly eye exam, and I was told that my eyesight had really improved from last year! What?! So I don’t need to get a stronger prescription? Since the 5th grade I had gotten used to those prescription numbers climbing higher on the chart annually, so I was ecstatic to learn that my vision had drastically improved! When my doctor asked me what changes I had made over the year, I told him about my healthier, greener, “kaler” diet. In actuality, Mercola.com, along with numerous other natural health resources, supports findings that ginseng is known to have superhero powers in the eye department!
No, I am not perfect, but I do eat way better – and greener – than I did a few years back, right, Nutribullet? Yeah, Nutribullet knows how much I love a green smoothie. In actuality, there are so many creative ways to enjoy kale. I love to use kale in my salads and on turkey burgers (instead of lettuce), and mixed in with whole wheat penne pasta. Oh, kale chips are so great, too!
Here is one of my favorite ways to have fun with spinach:
(Cook time: about 10-15 min. over medium-heat) of kale in enough olive oil to coat the skillet
Insert Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute, red crushed pepper, and garlic powder (or your favorite seasoning blend)
*Now, you could stop here. Or… you could add some black beans or brown rice to make it more filling.
And voila! I’m glad we became friends, and I encourage you to befriend kale, also. I have improved vision, more energy, clearer skin, and stronger hair. And I have less cravings for naughty processed foods. Over time, you’ll discover you have more superhero energy to do the things you love.

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